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GameAccount Reveals Next Generation Mobile Gaming

GameAccount Reveals Next Generation Mobile Gaming

GameAccount Network has announced the launch of its next generation mobile internet gaming suite which makes use of Responsive Design, HTML5 & Native Applications to deliver excellent quality internet gaming across all smartphones and tablets.

GameAccount Reveals Next Generation Mobile Gaming

GameAccount Network has revealed SENSE3, its next generation mobile gaming suite.

The new gaming suite, SENSE3, brings together HTML5 Casino Table Games, HTML5 Casino Slot Games and downloadable Native Applications for those looking for the more exciting graphics and sound effects which can only be delivered through native apps.

The suite integrates a number of in-house developed games and third party software, for example the Casino Slot games have contributions from IGT, Scientific Games, Ainsworth and Incredible Technologies.

The Network Marketing Services Director at GameAccount, Mary Griffin, said “Desktop-bound Internet gaming has offered sight & sound. Now SENSE3™ adds the third sense of Touch to the equation. SENSE3™ incorporates promotional push-messaging and other marketing capabilities which are crucial to extending CRM into the mobile channel effectively. Mobile gaming is expected to dominate Internet gaming as consumers continue to migrate their Internet time onto mobile smart phones and tablets.”

The company’s Network Chief Executive Officer further commented that the GameAccount’s “agnostic approach to client application frameworks ensures we don’t pick a side: Let the players choose – instant play HTML5 or download the Native App. The choice is always theirs.”

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