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New App to Find Local Land Based Casinos

New App to Find Local Land Based Casinos

Gamblers in the UK have been enjoying mobile gambling for a number of years, now there is a new smartphone app, Casino Finder App, which will locate their closest land-based casino.

New App to Find Local Land Based Casinos

A new smartphone app will locate a user’s closest land-based casino.

The app has been launched for Android and iPhone devices by

It features a complete database of all the land-based casinos in the UK which can be viewed as a list or as an easy to read map.

Those who have GPS functionality on their smartphones will be able to find the casino closest to their current location, this is sure to prove a helpful feature for those working away from home or on holiday.

The app also supplies information about each casino such as what games and other facilities are available. That way a user can be sure that they’ll find what they are looking for when they arrive at the venue.

A spokesman for said, “if you visit a venue that doesn’t provide the games or facilities that you want, your whole evening could be ruined. The Casino Finder app helps users to minimise that risk by giving them all the information they need to make informed decisions, even if they happen to be visiting an area that they don’t know very well.”

OCA News Editor