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Station Casinos Announces Sports Betting Mobile App

Station Casinos Announces Sports Betting Mobile App

Station Casinos has announced a sports betting mobile app but says that it doesn’t think it will take custom away from the company’s sports book.

Station Casinos Announces Sports Betting Mobile App

Stations Casinos will be launching a sports betting mobile app for customers located in Nevada.

The new app, Sports Connection Mobile, has completed a field trial with Nevada gaming regulators and Station Casinos is now planning to launch an area-wide marketing effort to promote the app before the next football season.

The Vice President of Sports Book Operations at Station Casinos, Art Manteris, said, “I think this is fantastic for the growth potential of the sports wagering industry.” The app is linked to the company’s player reward program so that customers will earn points for all bets placed which can then be redeemed at Station Casinos.

However, Manteris still things that customers will prefer to visit the company’s sports books to bet on events and will mainly use the app when they are unable to make it.

The application is available for smartphone devices and tables, including Android and iOS devices. Customers can bet on all major sporting events with a minimum bet of $5.

According to Station Casinos Vice President of Gaming Systems, John Vidmar, the application is fully compliant with all regulatory and security requirements set by the state.

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