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LaserLock Ready to Launch New Identification System

LaserLock Ready to Launch New Identification System

LaserLock Technologies which markets security technology to a number of sectors including gaming has recently announced that it has completed testing its online gaming authentication solution and the product will launch shortly.

LaserLock Ready to Launch New Identification System

A new online gambling identification system is ready to be launched by security firm LaserLock.

The product is a multi-factor authentication system that uses the LaserLock’s VerifyMe and other technologies to identify online gamblers.

The system goes beyond using usernames and passwords and adds a number of layers of protection for those that wish to process gambling transactions.

LaserLock’s CEO Neil Alpert said, “As more states legalize online gaming, we are excited to bring our solution to market to protect both players and casinos from the risks of identity theft.

Incorporating multiple layers of authentication is key to making online gaming secure, and our solution accomplishes this and is quick and easy to use.”

The system works in three stages to determine the identity of a player, something they know, something they are and something they have. This reduces the risk from the single method of authentication which can result in identity theft or the use of websites by children and other unauthorised players. There are a number of online casino operators in talks with LaserLock about use of the new system.

OCA News Editor