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Mobile Gambling to be Worth Over $100 Billion by 2017

Mobile Gambling to be Worth Over $100 Billion by 2017

A new reports from Gaming Club reveals that the mobile gambling market is expected to be worth mover a hundred billion dollars by 2017 and online gaming companies are expected to make a net profit of $45 billion.

Mobile Gambling to be Worth Over $100 Billion by 2017

A new report from Gaming Club predicts that the mobile gaming industry will be worth over $100 billion by 2017.

The study was carried out by Juniper Research and it also found that mobile gaming is the fastest growing sector in the gambling market.

The trend is driven by the massive rise in the use of smartphones and tablets, 62% of Britons now own a smartphone, an increase of 13.2% from October 2011. This parallels the growth in online gambling, revenues have increased by 32% between 2010 and 2011.

Smartphones allow for convenient online gambling whilst on the go without the need for a laptop computer. People are now able to enjoy their favourite casino games wherever they are, on the way to work, during lunch breaks, or even lying in bed.

There is now a huge range of apps available which provide players with a great amount of choice.

Many games are free to download and often come with incentives such as free credits to get players started.

There are also online casinos now building mobile sites which means players just need an internet connection, there’s no need to download any software.

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