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Microsoft Unlikely to Return to PC Gaming

Microsoft Unlikely to Return to PC Gaming

When Microsoft built its first console in 2001 the company changed the path of PC gaming forever. Since then Microsoft has mainly ignored PC gaming, it releases hardly any new games for PC and those that are released are casual games for tablets.

Microsoft Unlikely to Return to PC Gaming

Since Microsoft Developed the Xbox the company has been moving further and further away from PC gaming

The impetus for the Xbox came when the team behind DirectX was asked if there was anything behind Sony’s claims about the power of the PlayStation 2. During the analysis of the console, Kevin Bachus, a member of the DirectX team, pointed out that Microsoft could build a rival. Bachus felt that gamers were moving away from the PC to the console and that he’d “rather have them playing on a Microsoft console than on a Sony console or a Nintendo console.”

Since then the Xbox has gone from strength to strength and it is unlikely that Microsoft will return to PC games in the foreseeable future.

However, Bachus thinks that Microsoft is going to have a problem as it hasn’t “left a lot of room in the indie space.”

Bachus says, “Where’s the next Ensemble or the next Bungie? … That’s a more interesting question than whether once you’ve made those acquisitions you continue to fund those divisions when their product lines are no longer profitable.”

OCA News Editor