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Latest Apple Rumours Roundup

Latest Apple Rumours Roundup

As usual the internet is buzzing with Apple rumours, both about the next iPhone release and the upcoming iPad 5.

Latest Apple Rumours Roundup

There is a lot of speculation over upcoming release of the next iPhone and the iPad 5

The next iPhone, which will either be the iPhone 5S or iPhone 6, is meant to have the same size screen as the current phone, however, the device is meant to be thinner and have a better resolution. This means that you can enjoy mobile gaming with a screen of around 1.5 million pixels at 460ppi.

There are also rumours that the next phone will use iOS 7 which could give it a completely different look. It is thought that it will be released around September.

There are also rumours that the iPad 5 will launch anytime now.

The new device is meant to be thinner and lighter than its predecessors. There are also rumours that the iPad 5 will support wireless charging, this is due to an Apple patent entitled “Integrated inductive charging in protective cover”.

It seems logical that Apple will improve the specs, it’s possible that there will be an improved A6X processor. The camera should also be upgraded, possible to an 8 megapixel model. As for storage, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB and 128GB models are likely.

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