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More Internet Users Switch to Mobile

More Internet Users Switch to Mobile

With the rise of smartphones and cheap data plans, more users are becoming mobile-only users. A mobile only user may not own a desktop computer but will still want to access exactly the same information as is available to desktop-users.

More Internet Users Switch to Mobile

More internet users are switching to mobile only access meaning companies need to ensure mobile friendly content

According to Pew Internet 55% of Americans used a mobile device to access the internet last year.

Furthermore, 31% of them said that they use their smartphones as the primary way of accessing the internet.

The majority of mobile only users are teenagers, followed by black and Hispanic Americans and low income adults. Major sites such as Amazon, Wikipedia and Facebook see about 20% of their traffic from mobile-only users.

As the sale of PCs reaches an all-time low, mobile only users are sure to become more common.

As a result companies will have to ensure that they provide exactly the same services and information through mobile sites and apps as is offered on their regular websites.

This is good news for online gamblers, over the coming years online casinos will begin offering more and more of their games for mobile device. There is already evidence of this, major operators are announcing new mobile content nearly every month.

OCA News Editor