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Microsoft Aims for All-In-One Xbox One

Microsoft Aims for All-In-One Xbox One

Since the details of the upcoming Xbox One were announced there has been a lot of focus on the special “Halo” television series which will be made for the console by Steven Spielberg.

Microsoft Aims for All-In-One Xbox One

Microsoft is hoping that its new console can act as an all-in-one hub for games, film, television, internet and more.

Spielberg said, “For me, the ‘Halo’ universe is an amazing opportunity to be at the intersection where technology and storytelling meet.”

So far no real details of the series have been released and it is not known how it will interact with any future Halo games.

However, what the announcement did show is Microsoft’s ambitions for the console, which is to blur the lines between games, television, film and internet content.

The whole of the launch event was dominated by new ways to integrate a gaming device and technology into the living room for example by using the new Xbox’s voice control to ask for television schedules.

The Xbox One is aiming to make cross-media functionality easier than ever before by working with cable boxes and incorporating a refined Kinect which is better at recognising movement and voice commands. Furthermore, the console should make it easy to jump between apps, movies, the internet and television and even share them on the same screen.

OCA News Editor