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Microsoft Launches new Xbox One Console

Microsoft Launches new Xbox One Console

Microsoft has unveiled its new Xbox One console which integrates TV, internet, gaming any many other special features. Microsoft believes that the new console will change users’ lifestyle by integrating the cloud with voice and gesture control technology in one easy to use device.

Microsoft Launches new Xbox One Console

Microsoft has released the Xbox One which is designed to be an all in one entertainment system

While the Xbox is still a games machine, Microsoft wants to become an all in one entertainment solution which allows users to quickly switch between live TV, video on demand, internet and games.

Microsoft has also announced a deal to integrate coverage of the NFL with game elements such as a Fantasy Football game which will allow users to create fantasy teams while watching live games. Furthermore Steven Spielberg will be producing a TV series based on the Halo games which will only be available on the Xbox One.

Analysts were optimistic about the success of the console. Brian Blau, a director of Garner Research said, “The Xbox One really looks to advance the state of video game technology and entertainment in a way that we haven’t seen before. The Xbox One is a real advancement, one that will transform the way we experience TV, games, music, movies and more.”

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