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Betfred Launches

Betfred Launches Mobile Sportsbook

Betfred has previously released mobile apps such as Virtual Sports and Goals Galore. However, the bookmaker has now integrated all of its mobile betting facilities into a single platform which it has been developing for the last 18 months.

Betfred Launches Mobile Sportsbook

Betfred has consolidated all its mobile sports betting facilities into a new mobile app for Android and iOS

This release comes just a few months after Betfred launched its mobile casino gambling options which was developed with Playtech.

The new app, Mobile Sportsbook, is now available for both iOS and Android devices.

Betfred chose to develop the app in house in order to offer greater flexibility and faster responses to customer needs.

The Head of Mobile Development at Betfred, Andrew Daniels, said the platform “will enable us to develop new products in-house and have the best mobile product in the market. We will be no longer reliant on a third party, meaning we can drive the product and give customers what they want. Ultimately, having our own platform means we can punch above our weight.”

The company has also set itself some new targets for the next year. Stuart Magowan, Head of Betfred Mobile said, “We’ve enjoyed some major developments over the course of the last year or so, but we will continue to strive towards establishing Betfred Mobile as a best of breed among mobile platforms.”

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