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New Virtual Shopping App Launches with Casino Games

New Virtual Shopping App Launches with Casino Games

A New York based start-up, MallWeGo, launched this week at the Disrupt NY 2013 Startup Alley. It is a social, gaming shopping experience for web and mobile.

New Virtual Shopping App Launches with Casino Games

A new virtual shopping social app has launched complete with in built casino games

The company has designed a virtual world where friends can socialise in avatar form, however, it has been designed specifically for shopping with a virtual mall complete with virtual shops and real products.

There is also a free built-in casino game where users can win coupons to redeem at the associated retailers’ store. Users will also have virtual homes where they can see all the virtual stuff they’ve bought, invite friends over and even display ads on their walls in order to earn more rewards.

The co-founder, Bryan Ortiz, said that, “It’s pretty much taking the Amazon concept of vendors and putting together a Sims like approach.

That’s really what I was trying to create — something that’s fun but at the same time trying to make sure all the users are benefiting.

Ortiz went on to say that there is extensive analytics on the back end which will be given to vendors. Aside from being a social app, it is also designed to be an advertising, ecommerce and shopping analytics platform.

The product is currently in alpha and a beta launch is planned in the near future.

OCA News Editor