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AT&T Bring Galaxy S4 Shipping Date Forward

AT&T Bring Galaxy S4 Shipping Date Forward

AT&T is moving the Samsung galaxy S4 release date a week forward. The device has been available for pre-orders for a while and now the carrier surprised everyone by announcing that they would begin shipping from April 23rd instead of April 30th.

AT&T Bring Galaxy S4 Shipping Date Forward

Instead of shipping from April 30th AT&T brought the release date of the phone forward one week.

The new phone has 16GB of storage and AT&T is selling it for $200 with a 2 year deal, the 32GB model costs $250 for the same contract.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 being sold in the US is the Snapdragon 600 chipset version. At present it is not known if the Exynos Octa powered device will be available on the US market.

However, those who are anxiously awaiting their new phones should be aware that there has not yet been official confirmation from AT&T that they shipping date has been moved forward so it could yet turn out that this is just a rumour or a hoax aimed to draw more attention to the carrier before the official launch.

On the other hand, there has been a Tweet from AT&T saying that the phone will be available to buy in land-based stores from April 27th so it would not be surprising if the shipping date has been brought forward.

OCA News Editor