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Zynga Becomes Mobile First Company

Zynga Becomes Mobile First Company

On Wednesday Zynga’s CEO, Mark Pincus, said that social gaming is moving more towards mobile devices and that the company has adopted a “mobile first” policy.

Zynga Becomes Mobile First Company

Zynga’s CEO, Mark Pincus, has said that the company will be putting the mobile platform first from now on

The company believes that the mass market is no longer in social networking but in the mobile platform.

Pincus said, “As a company, we are going through a transition. This is the second wave of consumer adoption of social gaming where people want to carry the games or entertainment with them wherever they go. Mobiles have made it more accessible and gamers want it to be more interactive.”

At present Zynga has around 220 million players. According to Pincus over 50% of players have downloaded games on their mobiles and there are over 72 million active gamers on the mobile platform.

However, Pincus did say that it was Facebook that brought social gaming to the masses. He went on to say that he is not worried about depending on the major mobile app stores such as Apple and Google, he said, “The rules of engagement are written and are transparent.”

OCA News Editor