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Betfuze to Offer Unique Mobile Gambling Experience

Betfuze to Offer Unique Mobile Gambling Experience

Betfuze, a new London based company created by leading application developer YUZA and mobile payments specialist Paul McNea is about to take the mobile gaming industry by storm, promising its users a unique 3.0 experience.

Betfuze to Offer Unique Mobile Gambling Experience

London based mobile gambling company Betfuze promises to amaze with revolutionary approach.

McNea described Betfuze as “the most technologically advanced mobile sports betting platform of its type in the world. The tech is only part of the story though and it’s the work we do with key partners to build on the excellent service they already provide which really pushes the ability to attain high levels of customer engagement.

We’re delighted to be working with many of Europe’s leading gaming companies already, so that we can ensure our mobile app integrates seamlessly with their systems.”

YUZA’s CTO Tom Cohen added: “It provides a fusion of sentiment and facts by amalgamating a diverse range of data sources such as public opinion, historical information and contextual details particular to any one event. When our users look at possible bets, they have access to everything – from relevant news and weather information to a lot more. Betfuze is about providing a rich user experience where technology enhances the player experience.”

OCA News Editor