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Infinity AR’s New Eyewear Will Transform Online Gambling

Infinity AR’s New Eyewear Will Transform Online Gambling

As a result of recent slackening of online gambling regulations in Delaware, Nevada and New Jersey with more states to follow, the online gaming industry is ready to engage potential players in innovative and exciting ways.

Infinity AR’s New Eyewear Will Transform Online Gambling

Augmented reality developer Infinity AR believes their product will change the way we gamble.

Infinity AR, a company who develop software and hardware products for augmented reality platforms, working with online giants such as Google, Apple and others, believe that their products will shape the future of online gambling.

Infinity CEO Avrohom Oratz commented: “The applications of yesterday won’t hack it. The economics of this industry have us very excited and we want to be a significant vendor to gamers and gaming companies.”

Infinity AR announced that their new product, the augmented reality eyewear will give players the opportunity to take part in a truly innovative 360 degrees gambling experience. The augmented reality eyewear will allow players to literally envision themselves in a real room where fellow gamblers and a dealer will be present too.

Infinity AR promises that their high tech software combined with the versatility of the glasses will provide an almost uncanny replica of the brick and mortar gambling venue but promises to do so from the comfort of your home.

OCA News Editor