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Samsung Galaxy S4 Accessories Release Dates Leaked

Samsung Galaxy S4 Accessories Release Dates Leaked

Samsung has not yet announced release dates and pricing for the Samsung Galaxy S4 accessories that will be released for the phone, however, there are a number of details which have leaked to the web.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Accessories Release Dates Leaked

The release dates and prices for a number of accessories for the Galaxy S4 have been leaked online

According to leaked documents Samsung s planning on releasing the accessories over a period of several months.

It is thought that the Galaxy S4 S View Cover, Flip Cover, and Protective Cover+ will all be released in the first week of April.

It is thought that the S View cover will cost $69.99, the Flip Cover $34.00 and the Protective Cover+ $19.99. However, the prices are all subject to change.

In the second week of April Samsung are set to release the Galaxy S4 Pouch ($59.99), Headset ($29.99), the Extra Battery Kit ($29.99), HRM ($79.99) and Galaxy S4 scale ($129.99).

Two of the most anticipated accessories, the GamePad and the Wireless Charging Kit are expected to go on sale later, the charging kit around April 25th (for $49.99) and the GamePad sometime in July (for $99.99).

It seems that the accessories and phone will be going on sale around the same time, namely the end of next month, so there’s not much longer for Samsung fans to wait.

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