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Galaxy S4 Will be Perfect for Mobile Gaming

Galaxy S4 Will be Perfect for Mobile Gaming

Samsung will soon be releasing the Galaxy S4 which has recently made headlines around the world following its launch event in New York.

Galaxy S4 Will be Perfect for Mobile Gaming

Thanks to some fantastic new features, the Galaxy S4 looks as if it will be the perfect device for mobile gaming

Gamers are particularly excited as it seems the phone will be excellent for playing on.

The device has an extremely powerful processor meaning it will be able to handle games without any problems at all. Furthermore it will have a 5 inch screen with full HD capabilities which will allow gamers to enjoy top quality graphics.

The S4 can actually track the eye movements of the person holding it. This means that if you look away from the screen it will automatically pause whatever you are doing until you look back at it.

It can also track hand movements, these abilities are sure to bring Wii like motion sensory games to the device and could really enhance the world of mobile gaming.

Furthermore, the phone can synchronise with other S4s for group video gaming using a built-in WiFi direct mode.

This really opens up the options for online social gaming.

Overall it seems as if the S4 will be the perfect device for the serious mobile gamer.

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