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Show-off Your Gaming Skills with Everyplay

Show-off Your Gaming Skills with Everyplay

The app Everyplay from Applifier, allows gamers to record their sessions and share replays with friends and a new FaceCam features lets you film yourself in a video and brag about your skills.

Show-off Your Gaming Skills with Everyplay

The app allows you to record videos of your gaming sessions and share your skills with friends.

The aim of the app is to help improve mobile-game discovery. Instead of paying for advertising, developers can use Everyplay as an alternative.

Jussi Laakkonen, the Chief Executive of Applifier, said that the app is designed to increase word-of-mouth marketing through players that share their game sessions.

Everyplay launched video replay sharing in December. In the first month over 10,000 videos were shared, most on Facebook.

After being shared each video received an average of 15 views with 12% of viewers going on to download the game.

According to Laakkonen “this is a staggering click-through rate. It combines a social proof, showing what a game is about and what you really did in it. This was our thesis with Everyplay. The best way to get noticed is through sharing with friends.”

Laakkonen believes that players have been yearning for a way of sharing their experiences with friends and the app, which is available for all iOS devices, provides them with a means of doing so.

OCA News Editor