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Sword & Poker Games Still Available in Apple App Store

Sword & Poker Games Still Available in Apple App Store

While the Sword & Poker games are relatively out of date, however, the two games were extremely popular when first released in 2010.

Sword & Poker Games Still Available in Apple App Store

Gamers who enjoy poker and RPG should check out these games which first became popular in 2010.

The games are basically RPG where all the battles take place on a grid of cards and players must form poker hands in order to attack and defeat monsters and progress to the next stage by crawling through dungeons.

While the games sound fairly unusual, they was greeted with great enthusiasm and many players found them extremely difficult to put down.

Best of all, the games are still available for download for free in lite versions so if you’ve never heard of them you can try them out. If you enjoy them then it is also possible to purchase the full versions.

However, for some reason the two games do seem to disappear and reappear in the App Store, so be sure to get them soon before they vanish once more.

While the games don’t feature the widescreen graphics expected of the latest mobile games, they are still extremely enjoyable and well worth a try.

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