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New Poker App Removes the Needs for Physical Cards

New Poker App Removes the Needs for Physical Cards

Those who enjoy playing card games but often find themselves stuck with out a deck will be pleased to hear about a new app called Bold Poker which transforms mobile devices into playing cards.

New Poker App Removes the Needs for Physical Cards

A new app removes the needs to carry a deck of cards around in order to enjoy a game of poker with friends.

The app, priced $1.99, is designed to be enjoyed playing with other people in person, it serves as companion technology to Texas Hold’em and removes the need to a physical deck of cards. While there are plans to support other games, at present the app only supports Texas Hold’em.

Using the app one mobile device will act as the card dealer and display the five communal cards. It then syncs with the other players’ mobile devices and “deals” them two cards each.

Players are able to move the on screen chip around and tap to deal.

Those who are worried about others seeing their hand can use the “peek” mode which works when the device is slightly tilted and reflects a mirroring image onto the table.

While it is not quite the same as having a deck of cards, it wouldn’t be surprising if the app proved to be extremely popular with poker fans.

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