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Sony Enters Mobile Gaming World

Sony Enters Mobile Gaming World

Sony has entered the mobile gaming world with PlayStation Mobile. Sony is hoping to convert the successful PlayStation brand into a mobile format with the same kind of prices already established by iOS and Android devices.

Sony Enters Mobile Gaming World

The little known PlayStation Mobile platform offers some fantastic mobile games

PS Mobile isn’t restricted to portable devices, thanks to dedicated handheld gaming platforms Sony is able to draw on the users of PSP and PlayStation Vita.

Sony only started considering mobile early last year when CEO Kaz Hirai started to consolidate and reorganise the company. The mobile division of the company was one of the first to be reorganised, however, since then it has been relatively quiet.

There are some great games available for PS mobile such as Haunt The House: Terrortown. The aim of the game is to scare the inhabitants of Terrortown by whatever means available. The game has a fantastic atmosphere and can provide hours of entertainment.

There are loads of other games available from Sony; however, as yet its mobile platform remains relatively unknown. If Sony manages to increase awareness then it is likely to be onto a winner.

OCA News Editor