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Audojo- A Precision Controller for iPad

Audojo- A Precision Controller for iPad

iPad owners who enjoy gaming should definitely have a look at the Kickstarter project Audojo.

Audojo- A Precision Controller for iPad

The Audojo is an iPad case featuring analogue joysticks, trigger buttons and stereo speakers.

Audojo is an iPad case that features joysticks and buttons to give users better control over their games.

It can be used with the iPad 2, 3 or 4 and provides precise control thanks to two analogue joysticks. There are also two trigger buttons which are great for playing first-person shooter games.

The case also features a set of stereo speakers that are meant to sound better than the iPads’ inbuilt speaker, the will also be two headphone jacks in the final version.

Furthermore, Audojo supports AirPlay which will allow gamers to enjoy playing on a bigger screen.

At present the team behind Audojo are working with game manufacturers to ensure that it is easy to integrate support for the new device. They hope to provide a package which supports the Unity engine, used by half of mobile developers.

They also hope to make the case integrate with other game engines and also plan to offer a native software developers kit for those who want to create their own games.

If you like the sound of Audojo head over to Kickstarter, the project is still about $200,000 short of its target.

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