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Temple Run 2 Launches for Android

Just a few days after it was released for iOS, Tempe Run 2 has been released for Android devices.

Temple Run 2 Launches for Android

The long awaited sequel to the smash hit game Temple Run is now available on Android devices.

The game quickly picked up 20 million downloads from the Apple Store and Imangi Studios co-founder, Keith Shepherd, said that “The iOS launch numbers blew us away and I think we’ll definitely see some exciting numbers on Android as well.”

Shepherd went on to say that the game definitely has “ a lot of fans on Android, so we didn’t want them to have to wait to get their hands on the sequel. It’s as close to a simultaneous launch as we’ve ever been able to do.”

The sequel is much the same as the first, the main character runs across a series of landscapes being chased by the temple beasts.

Players use swipe based controls to slide, turn and jump out of the way of objects in their path.

It is expected that the Android download numbers will be similar to those of iOS. When the original Temple Run was released for Android there were over 1 million downloads in the first three days.

Fans of the game will find it in the Google Play store.

OCA News Editor