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New Mobile App Makes Land Casinos Portable

New Mobile App Makes Land Casinos Portable

A new mobile application has been released which is designed to allow people who play table games at land casinos to move around the casino.

New Mobile App Makes Land Casinos Portable

The new app will allow players to enjoy their favourite casino games from anywhere in the resort.

The app, which was developed by onLIVE, gives players the option of wandering around the casino floor while playing their game. The idea of the app is to build upon the popularity of online gambling, onLIVE recently said that “the inspiration came from helping traditional casinos connect to the mobile generation.”

The app is of course integrated with the casino that it is used at and should allow players to relax in their rooms, or even in the casino resort’s swimming pool and still play their favourite games as if they were sitting at the table.

The app effectively breaches the gap between live and online gambling, onLIVE insists that it will help “table returns increase dramatically.”

The company is claiming that “Table margins can be improved by extending the game floor and reaching more players with live streaming video and mobile player apps. One player, a hundred players, or a thousand players can all play with the same dealer.”

OCA News Editor