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Mobile Gambling Set to Grow in 2013

Mobile Gambling Set to Grow in 2013

Last year saw a number of surprises in the mobile software world.

Mobile Gambling Set to Grow in 2013

The mobile gambling business is set to be worth $100 billion in five years’ time

Facebook defied tech valuations with its mix of the IPO followed by the acquisition of Instagram while Google introduced its new tablets.

Facing criticism for its seemingly slowing creative pipeline Apple never the less defied all expectations and launched its iPad mini with thundering success.

Despite the somewhat unclear picture many believe that 2013 will prove to be a creative and innovative year for the mobile economy. One of such areas of expected growth is mobile casino gaming.

Juniper Research states that the sector is expected to worth $100 billion globally in 5 years. They argue that this immense growth will be supported by legalisation in many U.S states as well as gambling on social websites.

Such positive forecasts prompted Zynga to increase its presence and investment in online gambling.

Others who realised the potential of the sector are small studios such as BitRhymes who began to establish a profitable niche for themselves in the sector as well as Hatch’s CashPlay which has enjoyed a growing interest from gamers.

OCA News Editor