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Nvideo Preview Project Shield

Nvideo has previewed its hand-held gaming device which it is hoping will rival devices from companies such as Sony and Microsoft.

Nvideo Preview Project Shield

Nvidia has surprised the market by previewing a hand-hold gaming device

The device is called “Project Shield” and is a cross between a controller and a small tablet display and it is powered by the latest “Tegra 4” processor.

It marks a departure from the norm for Nvidia, normally they sell computer hardware whereas the Project Shield will be sold direct to consumers.

The preview took the industry by surprise; however, Nvidia didn’t give many details beyond its basic specifications. The device will be able to run Android games as well as stream games from PCs.

Chief Executive Jen-Hsun Huang said that the device “is the culmination of five years of work.”

The company is keeping the project very secret, there are a few prototypes circulating within the company but that is all. It is not yet known when it will be on sale or its price.

Until now it has been hard to develop shooter and intense action games for mobile devices due to their limited control functions. It is thought that by adding a controller to a tablet, Nvidia will be able to attract gamers who enjoy games of this genre.

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