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Mobile Gaming Goes from Strength to Strength

Mobile Gaming Goes from Strength to Strength

The rise of the smartphone and tablet and success of mobile gaming last year was absolutely phenomenal.

Mobile Gaming Goes from Strength to Strength

Last year’s growth of the mobile gaming industry means that there’re better things to come.

While the exact figures are not yet known, it is known that by the end of Q1 there were over 100 million mobile games just within the US, and it continued to grow from there.

In fact, mobile gaming was the one area of the gaming industry which grew last year.

While the industry is likely to plateau at some point, its growth last year shows that it is a thriving industry.

As a result it is likely that more developers will look for ways to join the mobile gaming industry.

Gamers can expect to see more franchise games move to mobile over the coming year.

The popularity of mobile gaming is likely to change the whole perception of the gaming industry. It has shown that gaming is not restricted to hardcore fans, but that there is actually a huge base of people who enjoy gaming when it is convenient for them.

As a result, not only can we expect more mobile games to be released, but also better games as the market becomes more competitive.

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