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Newsweek Goes Digital

For its last ever printed edition Newsweek chose a vintage photo of its old New York headquarters for the cover.

Newsweek Goes Digital

Newsweek chose a vintage photo of its old New York headquarters for it’s last cover.

Acknowledging its transition to being purely digital the headline simply read “#lastprintissue.”

The current editor, Tina Brown, turned to former big-name contributors to write for the final edition. Well known writers such as Jon Meacham, Michael Isikoff, Eleanor Clift and Daniel Klaidman all contributed articles.

Two years ago Newsweek merged with The Daily Beast in an attempt that the combination of an iconic magazine and a start-up would made a stronger publication through combined efforts.

However, as the costs of printing continues to rise and there is a change in people’s media consumption habits, Newsweek was left with little choice other than to shut down its print edition.

The print edition is being replaced with an iPad version called Newsweek Global and it will be produced by a much smaller number of staff.

Since the announcement the names of some staff members who are being let go have been released.

There are some high profile names leaving such as Mark Miller; Miller was on the staff for a long time and after he quit two years ago was brought back by Tina Brown to oversee editorial operations.

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