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Mobile Downloads Now Available for BBC iPlayer

The BBC has launched free mobile downloads for the iPlayer. This will allow users for the first time to view programs abroad, as long as they have been downloaded in the UK.

The BBC has launched free mobile downloads for the iPlayer.

Until now viewers have only been able to stream programmes on the iPlayer, however, the new download ability will allow people to watch programmes for up to 30 days after downloading them.

Initially the feature will only be available on devices running iOS but it is due to launch for Android devices in the near future. The BBC have not placed a limit on how much material can be downloaded at once, it is thought that a standard 15GB iPad can hold up to 50 hours of BBC programmes.

This launch is the latest step in the BBC’s strategy to move the iPlayer off of the PC and make it more mobile friendly.

The general manager for programmes and on-demand for the BBC, Daniel Danker, said that viewers can now download “hours and hours of BBC television programmes, then watch them on the road, on the tube, on a place, without worrying about having an internet connection or running up a mobile data bill.”

OCA News Editor