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What’re the Effects of the Apple Samsung Trial?

Now that Apple has won its case against Samsung it will be attempting to ban sales of phones which infringe upon its patents.
Apple won on six out of seven infringements with the only notable exception being the exclusion of the Galaxy Tab Tablets, the jury decided that they did not infringe on the “trade dress” of the iPad. This means that Apple will be attempting to ban the sale of 17 phones and variants upon them which are made by Samsung.

Consumers are likely to feel the effects of Apple’s victory over Samsung if the judge grants a series of sales injunctions.

The question is how much this would hurt Samsung and consumers. Samsung sell 152 different mobile phones and smartphones. The latest smartphones, the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the Galaxy Note, were not included in the lawsuit. However, the Galaxy S2, Galaxy S and Nexus S were all included and would be affected by any ban.
After the verdict was heard Samsung said that it was “a loss for the American consumer. It will lead to fewer choices, less innovation, and potentially higher prices.”

There is speculation now that the ruling will cause a rise in smartphone prices as patent licensing costs will have to be paid. The verdict said that Samsung violated the design patent for the iPhone’s front on all its phones except one. It was also ruled that all of Samsung’s phones violated the home screen patent. This could mean that the level of the Android user experience drops for a while as new designs are sought out which could also result in a rise in prices.
One surprising factor in the trial was the figures sales for the US which Samsung provided. They appeared to be much smaller than expected given the briefings that Samsung had given. However, it turned out that the list of smartphones (39 in total) included in the trial only count for a small per cent of Samsung’s smartphone sales in the US.

OCA News Editor