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Samsung May Announce Galaxy Note II This Month

It seems that Samsung’s rumoured Galaxy Note II smartphone may soon be released. Early this week Samsung released a teaser video on YouTube with hints that of an announcement on August 29th.

A YouTube teaser video suggests that Samsung may unveil their next smartphone later this month.

The video shows Samsung’s S Pen stylus running over a phone display and ends with an advert for Samsung’s August 29th Unpacked event. In the past Samsung has reserved the “Unpacked” label for events which feature the unveiling of a major new product.

At present not much is known what the new Note will feature. So far there has been a lot of speculation over the hardware and a larger screen. The first Note had a styles and large 5.3 inch screen, while many considered this to be too big it did prove extremely successful with consumers.

Last week the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet was released. It is packed with features, front and back cameras, a card slot, an infrared port (for controlling televisions), stereo speakers and much more. It is also slightly thinner and lighter than the iPad.

One of the most exciting new features is side-by-side apps. This allows you to view multiple apps on the screen at the same time, for instance a web page and a page of notes. This is a massive change which takes the tablet even closer to the flexibility of a PC.

The stylus pen is really useful in S Note, a special program which accompanies it. It allows you to jot down freehand notes and draw little sketches.  In one mode the software will turn the squiggles into perfect lines and shapes, in the other it will convert words into typed text, there is even a math-formula mode which can recognise handwritten formulas and solve them.

Over all it looks like a great new release from Samsung and there’s no telling what new wonders will be revealed at their upcoming event.

OCA News Editor