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Expectation Grows for new iPhone and mini-iPad

There’re rumours flying that Apple will be holding an exciting event on September 12th.  It is expected that there will be announcements of a new iPhone and iPad mini.

It is expected that Apple will announce their latest products at a special event to be held on September 12th

This expectation has been reinforced since it was reported that Apple has requested that Apple Premium Resellers set aside additional table space for iPad displays over the next few weeks with September 12th as a deadline for the adjustments to be made.

For a while now images and specs for the new iPhone have been floating around the internet. While none of the details can be confirmed they are thought to come from reputable (but anonymous) sources.

It is thought that the next iPhone will look fairly similar to the current model but will bit slightly thinner with a larger screen and two-tone body. It is expected to have a 4 inch screen and a wider aspect ratio. 

It is also rumoured to have a massive 1GB of RAM. There have been numerous reports that the new iPhone will use a smaller 19-pin port which means customers will have to buy new add-ons unless some kind of adapter is released.

For a while now there have been reports that the phone will be launched on September 21st, nine days after the event.

The mini iPad is expected to be 8 inches, 1.7 inches smaller than the current iPad. It is expected to be priced around $250 in order to compete with Google’s Nexus 7. According to various leaked information it will make use of the same new 19-pin connector as the new iPhone and will be offered both black and white.

However, it is worth remembering that these are just rumours. Nonetheless, September 12th is only a couple of weeks away so Apple fans won’t be kept in the dark for too long.

OCA News Editor