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iPhone Rumour Roundup

In about one month, the new iPhone will be released. There’s one thing we know for sure – on September 12, Apple has a big press conferences scheduled.

Rumours abound and we’ll put the “best iPhone rumours” to the test here.

Rumours abound and we’ll put the “best iPhone rumours” to the test here. In a month, we’ll check back and see what was accurate and what was way off.

  • iPhone may be released on September 21. According to Mashable, a Verizon employee told TechCrunch that the company will be having an all-staff vacation blackout from September 21 to 30.
  • The Korean Times has reported that Apple is negotiating with 2 Korean mobile carriers so the new iPhone will work there on 4G LTE.
  • Apple has a new patent that covers a new LCD screen that integrates the touch sensors with the circuits, making everything more compact.
  • Pre-orders for the iPhone will begin on September 12.
  • A “nano-SIM card” that is smaller than current cards. Apple has been pushing for this new standard for a while now.
  • A bigger and stronger battery. Everyone wants this!
  • LG is mass producing a thin screen that is widely speculated to be for the new iPhone.
  • Even Reuters has joined in on the rumour mill! They recently reported that the new iPhone will be 4 inches from corner to corner – a whopping 30% bigger than today’s iPhones.

There are 20 days until September 12. The iPhone countdown has begun!

OCA News Editor