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Could Casual Gambling Replace Casual Gaming?

It seems that more and more casual games companies are turning towards online gambling in order to boost revenues. Over the last few weeks there have been announcements from a number of companies about forthcoming gambling products.

A large number of casual game developers are looking to online gambling as a way of boosting revenues and expanding their clientele.

Big Fish Games, based in Seattle, has announced that it will be offering U.K. based players the chance to make real bets on the new version of Big Fish Casino iPhone app. While players in the U.S. won’t yet be able to enjoy this new feature, American regulators are steadily progressing towards a legal and regulated online gambling system and Big Fish will be poised to take advantage of the market when it opens up.

The London based company Betable has started offering a service which allows casual game developers the chance to make money through legal online gambling. Betable handles the security, transactions, identity verification for a share of the gambling revenues. All game developers have to do is connect their games into the Betable system. This system allows U.S. developers to collect money from legal U.K. based online gambling.

Another company to venture into online gambling is 3G studios based in Reno, Nevada. The company has hired around 80 new contractors in India and China and is expected to have 200 employees dedicated to making gambling games by the end of this year. Early this year Nevada began accepting applications for online gambling licenses and last June Delaware became the first state to allow online casino gambling for state residents. There are a few more states considering following Delaware’s example.

Finally Zynga is also looking at online gambling after purchasing Double Down Interactive, one of Facebook’s popular virtual casinos, earlier this year. It is expected that mobile gambling could result in $100 billion worth of bets by 2017.  With so much money at stake, it seems gambling could soon be a part of the most casual of games.

OCA News Editor