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Fantastic New Games for iOS

This week there have been some fantastic mobile apps released ranging from an Atari classic to a guide to running your own farm.

There have been some games released recently which are sure to provide you with hours of fun.

Those who remember the Activision classic Pitfall will be pleased to hear it has been brought back for iOS. While the game is very similar to Temple Run, it really stands out in terms of atmosphere and a sense of progression. There environments are far more varied and really develop the further you run. The sense of actually running somewhere makes the game far more enjoyable.

A new game set in a zombie infested world – Organ Trail: Director’s Cut is a spoof on the classic American-trekking game. In the game players must look after a group of survivors as they travel across America, search for supplies and fight off zombies. The game is packed with great features and a number of mini-bonus games and overall is thoroughly enjoyable.

For those looking for something more peaceful Farming Simulator 2012 has just been released. In this game you must cultivate your fields of crops, harvest them and sell them to local markets. Unfortunately the controls are not the most elegant and tasks like transferring grain to a tractor can become incredibly frustrating. However, it is a nice slow pace game which many will enjoy.

Finally Wizorb has arrived for iOS after debuting on Xbox 260, PC and PlayStation. It is based on classic brick-breaks such as Breakout and develops the game in the style of a 16-bit role playing game. Each level is a single-room challenge full of blocks to break and enemies to defeat. There are also many bonuses in the form of magic spells which aid your journey. This superb development of block-breaking games is sure to be a hit with all fans of the genre.

OCA News Editor