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Mobile Gambling Devices Allowed in Atlantic City

Thanks to new legislation, in the near future gamblers who bet at Atlantic City’s casinos will be allowed to gamble at the pool or waiting in line at the buffet.

New legislation will allow Atlantic City casinos to offer their customers mobile gambling

Legislation was recently signed by Gov. Chris Christie that will allow gambling to take place on hand-held devices within casino property.  The bill was co-sponsored by Democratic Assemblyman John Burzichelli of West Deptford, he said that hand held gambling devices are a clever adaptation of technology by the casinos which will help them maintain a competitive edge in an ever-growing market.

It is thought by many that the mobile devices will help provide a new revenue stream to struggling casinos. Democratic Assemblyman Ruben Ramos Jr. of Hoboken, who also sponsored the bill, said that the technology was necessary “in order to position Atlantic City to remain competitive with neighbouring states.”

The law allows casinos to offer electronic versions of authorised games to be played on mobile devices anywhere within the boundaries of the casino. The casinos will operate the devices and they will be given to any customers who have a pre-paid account with the casino.

Hand held gambling devices have been allowed in public areas of casinos in Nevada since 2006. The challenge facing the state Division of Gaming Enforcement is to find a way of ensuring the integrity of the devices and to make sure that no one who is underage acquires one.  According to David Rebuck, the Division Director, there are a number of safeguards which can be inbuilt in the devices such as the use of PIN numbers.

The changes are eagerly welcomed in Atlantic City as it is struggling to pull itself out of five years of revenue decline which began when casino gambling was allowed in Pennsylvania. The law also allows casinos to offer cars, iPads and other gadgets to try and attract customers.

OCA News Editor