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New Mobile Game from Marvel and DeNA

Marvel and DeNA have teamed together to create a mobile video game, Marvel: War of Heroes, in which the idea is to collect superheroes using special cards and then unleash them to fight against villains.

Marvel has teamed with DeNA to create a new mobile game featuring all the favourite Marvel characters.

The player takes on the character of a Shield agent charged with putting together a team of Marvel heroes, training them, adjusting their powers and them putting them up against various threats to humanity. A key element of the game is card collecting and as the game progresses more cards and events are added to keep things interesting and further the plot.

Marvel has been heavily involved in the creation of the game supplying art for the cards as well as a full original script. The game is free but is not yet known if cards will be sold.

The game will be available for both iOS and Android and it is already possible to pre-register and receive an exclusive card.

Neil Young, the Director of DeNA and CEO of DeNA’s subsidiary ngmoco LCC, said that they have “worked closely with Marvel to handcraft our first Marvel game” he went on to say that the game “brings legendary characters to life in the hugely popular card-battle game genre.

The EVP of operations and planning at Marvel Entertainment, Rob Steffens, said that Marvel is continually looking for new and original ways for their fans to enjoy Marvel characters and stories; he believes that “by teaming up with DeNA, a proven leader in the mobile game space, we’re able to deliver a premium and action-packed mobile gaming experience.”

It looks like this game should be a real hit with Marvel comic fans and the artwork previews are spectacular. While the game is not due for release until this coming autumn, it could definitely be worth pre-registering, if only to receive the limited edition character card.

OCA News Editor