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Bubble Witch Saga Available on iOS

Fans of’s Bubble Witch Saga game can now continue their quests on the iPhone and iPad. While some people may not be excited by a free-to-play puzzle game that easily synchronises between Facebook and smartphones, to others it represents a significant step towards platform-free gaming.

: have seamlessly synchronised play of Bubble Witch Saga between Facebook and iOS.

Almost every social gamer uses Facebook and significant proportion of them also own sophisticated smartphones making the joining of the two very logical. It has been tried in the past by Zynga with FarmVille, however, a very poor implementation resulted in a failure and the FarmVille iOS app went offline earlier this month.

However, has done a much better job. Their puzzle game can now be played on Facebook or via the app and game progress is synchronised excellently between the two platforms.

CEO of, Riccardo Zacconi, said that “launching a truly cross-platform Facebook game has been a top priority for” He went on to say that gamers can play signed in or not and still keep track of their progress which allows them to play “whenever and wherever they wish, without losing their place in the game.”

The vast majority of social games are not particularly demanding on hardware and as such are more accessible and played by far larger numbers than other genres of games. Because of this it means that they can be adapted to be played on almost any platform.

Now that has demonstrated that seamless integration between Facebook and mobile really is possible, it can be expected that far more social games will start to be launched for mobile platforms. has said that an Android version of Bubble Witch Saga will be released later this year, unfortunately until then it seems that only iOS users can enjoy this new integration.


OCA News Editor