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Yahoo and Google Prepare Olympic Coverage

With the Olympics round the corner internet giants Yahoo and Google are preparing to offer as much coverage as possible.

Both Yahoo and Google will be offering substantial coverage of the London Olympics through their respective websites.

Yahoo will be broadcasting Olympic information through all its sights and apps offering Olympic news, commentary and visuals. Ken Fuchs, VP of Global Media for Yahoo and head of Yahoo Sports has said that “Yahoo! has been the No. 1 online destination for Olympics coverage since 2006” He went on to say that “London 2012 will be a showcase for 24/7 reporting, across all screens, and Yahoo is investing to deliver powerful experiences for our users and advertisers.”

Yahoo has revamped The Hub to bring breaking news, headlines, daily recaps, photos and analysis of the Olympics’ most exciting moments. They will be using the iPad app, IntoNow, to supplement information from the TV including medal counts, schedules and athlete biographies. The Yahoo sports app, Sportacular, will have an additional tab offering personalised access to teams, players and a huge range of Olympic news. There will also be a new section of the Yahoo Sports TV app which will offer extensive coverage of the Games.

Google will be streaming the Olympics to Kenya via YouTube as it is one of the 54 countries with the right to live stream the Games. There will be 11 different high-definition streams each one with English language commentary. Ten of these feeds will be running from 9am to 11pm (London time) covering all the main events and the eleventh stream will broadcast Olympic news twenty-four hours a day. All of the streams can be found on the IOC’s YouTube channel.

There is also a Kenyan Olympic page on G+ which is full of content relating to the successful team, the page is being continuously updated by five experienced local sports journalists who will be reporting direct from London.

OCA News Editor