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London Olympics: Smartphone Apps Roundup

Very soon the London Olympics 2012 will begin and a huge range of apps have been developed in preparation.

The BBC, which has won the broadcast rights, has developed a number of apps in order to ensure everyone can access Olympic information. They have released an app for both iOS and Android which will offer daily text commentaries, news updates and top stories from national teams based upon location.

There are a number of Olympic apps available each with its own functionality; here is a quick look at a few of them.

The controller of digital and technology for BBC Global News, James Montgomery, has said that at “ we want to ensure we offer our users the most entertaining, immersive and relevant experience. We believe…the creation of a version for mobile users and the bespoke app ensures sporting fans across the globe can enjoy the games whenever and wherever they choose.”

There are a number of other apps available. “London 2012” has been developed for iPhone and while it costs $0.99 it has some excellent features. While it doesn’t offer the same level of news as the official app it does incorporate a medal tally and a great guide to all the Olympic venues.

SpartanApps “Olympic Games” app is a fun application which takes you back to ancient Greece to participate in ten track and field events. Up to two payers can compete in the fun games which have nice graphics and easy to learn controls. Players can compete in either a single event of a five-event pentathlon choosing between high jump, javelin, discus, pole vault and a few track events.

Another free app worth looking at is “London 2012 Information” developed by Mark Jarred. The app is fantastically simple to use with three distinct sections: an Olympic countdown, a list of events and a blurb about London. It will also give transport information for those who are attending the games.

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