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NBA Jam Android is the Cure for your NBA Blues

The NBA championships are just behind us and the next season is months away. What can basketball fans do to cure their NBA blues? One option is to go outside in the summer heat and actually play basketball. The other is to play NBA Jam – the new Android version.

What can basketball fans do to cure their NBA blues?

The game costs just under $5 and is a bargain at that. The initial download is small – but don’t be deceived. This is only the installer. The game itself is 350 megs and will probably keep getting bigger as Electronic Arts updates it over time.

All of the teams are here and all the classic action from the PlayStation version that we played back in the 90’s. The broadcaster that we loved to laugh with is there with his best one-liners.“Boomshakalaka!! Is it the shoes?? He’s on fire!”

For those who are new to NBA Jam – welcome aboard. NBA Jam is arguably the best sports arcade game ever made. It belongs in a museum. If you expect an exact, perfect physics sports game, you’re at the wrong place. NBA Jam is all about the arcade aspect of basketball. Not even Michael Jordan could really make these shots and jumps. But that’s the fun of the game!

Even casual fans of basketball will love NBA Jam. The Android version lets you choose your team. In between quarters you can switch players. Don’t forget to try those “one second remaining on the clock” throws from mid-court! When you beat all of the teams, you become the champion and unlock more features. We haven’t gotten there yet, but we’re working on it.

The controls of NBA Jam are the cherry on the top. The Achilles Heel of Android games is in how you control your character. Grand Theft Auto 3 for Android, for example, is an awesome port of the legendary game. The controls, however, ruined the experience for many players. With NBA Jam, EA got it right. At just under $5, NBA Jam for Android is a wise investment.

OCA News Editor