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Betable Paves the way for Real-Money Gambling with Social and Mobile Gaming

Betable is poised to breathe new life into the waning social and mobile gaming scenes. The US start-up has paved the way for real-money betting to break in to mobile and social gaming markets.

Betable has paved the way for real-money betting to break in to mobile and social gaming markets.

Betable’s CEO, Christopher Griffin reports, “At Betable we’re unlocking real-money gaming for developers who can innovate in what, up until now, has been a massively impenetrable space,”

While betting of this nature is illegal in many parts of the world, including the United States, the opportunity has been hailed as one of the largest of its kind for innovation and monetization for game developers in recent years.

25 investors are currently involved in funding the project and the company has only recently opened its private beta, with the alpha having been launched in March 2012. As a licensed gambling operator, Betable is capable of providing developers with a platform that provides real-money gaming on any platform or device, legally.

Developers can utilize Betable’s services to incorporate real-money gambling rapidly and simply into new and existing games.

Real-money gambling has been a hot topic of discussion in gaming industries all over the world. Companies from locations far and wide had outlined their intent to invest in real-money gambling capabilities for their social and mobile gaming outlets. While eliminating the hurdles of implementation Betable makes it easy for providers to customize the mechanics of their own real-money gambling experience.

With Betable, providers will now be able to provide unique and exciting experiences for players, along with a true casino feel to their social and mobile games.

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