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Exciting Developments Ahead For Mobile Casino Apps

As always the world of mobile gambling is continuing to develop at a rapid rate. It has been announced that Zynga is now attempting to purchase Ongame, the Swedish firm currently owned by Bwin.Party.

A number of new deals and product launches will see some major developments in the world of mobile casino apps.

The news was announced after slot machine maker Shuffle Master withdrew their bid of $38.9 million. If Zynga do purchase Ongame it will be the biggest meeting of social gaming and traditional gambling ever seen.

It is thought that the life time value of the average gambling customer is $150 per gambler whereas the average life time value of a social gamer is only $20. Whilst Zynga has a hugely successful social poker product, Zynga Poker, they have seen some recent financial troubles. However, if they reach a deal to incorporate real money gaming into it then the potential revenues are huge.

In other new AbZorba Games LLC has launched AGON™, a hosted mobile gaming platform which is complete with a suite of social casino games available for both android and iOS. Thanks to AGON™, gaming organisations will be able to quickly release branded mobile casino apps which offer cross-selling functionality.

Co-Founder and CEO, Andrew Hughes has said that the company “firmly believe the collision between virtual and real money gambling worlds is happening and AbZorba is perfectly positioned to monetize the link between the two for its iGaming partners.”

The suite of games available includes Blackjack, Poker and Roulette with Bingo and Slots to follow soon. One major advantage of this platform is that it allows Android and iOS gamers to play each other in the same game. Thanks to this the potential player pool is vastly increased which gives operators the chance of increased revenues and players can be sure of finding plenty of people to play against.

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