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3D Gaming – the Next Step for Online Casinos

One of the most innovative online gambling companies is Belle Rock Gaming and in a recent article they said that they think the future of the online gaming industry lies in 3D.

Recent studies have predicted that the future of online casinos lies in 3D gaming.

They have based this assessment on studies which found that 3D has recently “taken the entertainment industry by storm” and the next step is to transform the gaming sectors and introduce 3D casinos. Recent advances mean that 3D technology is now more affordable and that consumers are beginning to accept it as part of their everyday life.

They have said that the online gambling industry is “tech-savvy” and the market is always willing to embrace new technology. As online casinos try to create the most realistic experience possible for players they have embraced the latest in technological advances.  They went on to say that the move from land-based to online gaming was a huge success with revenues from the industry expected to double by 2015.

At present 3D casino gaming is in its infancy, at most major casinos players can find basic 3D graphics. At first 3D graphics were introduced to slot games and soon after they could be found in games such as roulette, blackjack and poker. Players can now enjoy graphics on a par with console games and create Sims like avatars to explore the casino floor with.

Recently published research suggests that as much as 60% of gamers are not bothered by the idea of wearing glasses whilst playing games, and new auto-stereoscopic devices such as the Nintendo 3DS can provide 3D graphics without any need to wear glasses. Now it is up to the industry to develop new 3D graphics and take advantage of new technologies in order to bring casino games up to speed with the rest of the entertainment industry.

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