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London 2012 Results Mobile App Review

The 2012 London Summer Olympics will go down in history as the first “Mobile Olympics”. The IOC (International Olympic Committee) has released two apps for the Olympics. In this article, we will review the London 2012 Results App.

We were lucky enough to check out the Olympics app on both Android and iPhone. This review is for the Android version – but both are the same. Search Google Play on your smartphone or tablet for “Olympics” and look for “London 2012 Results App”. “London 2012” is the name of the developer. There are many Olympic wannabe apps, so make sure you get the official one.

The app is small (4.74 MB) and should download in under a minute. Installation is even quicker. The first thing you’ll notice is the Countdown to Opening Ceremony on the top left. The English language font has a “Greek look” to it.

On the top of the screen is a navigation bar menu. The options are Live, Calendar, Sports, Medals, Athletes and My Games. Live is similar to the usual Home Page link found on most web sites. Calendar is a well-organized calendar of all of the sports events. The dates are on the left of the screen and the event information fits the rest of the screen.

Click on sports and you’ll see a collection of icons of each of the main sports events. We clicked on “Athletics” and were treated to a stunning photo of an athletics stadium with a list of the events (date and time included).

The Medals tab works, but until the games begin there is nothing to show. The Athletes tab is great – the main page shows some of the best Olympians from the past. Names like Mark Spitz, Carl Lewis will be familiar to most audiences. My Games is perhaps the best part of this app. Pick your favourite country and you’ll get a stream of Olympics news for that country. This can be especially helpful if you’re rooting for a small country that doesn’t always make the news.

Even before the games begin, the London 2012 Results App gets 5 stars from Online Casino Archives. The app presents a lot of information in an organized way and without falling to the trap of “information overload”. We can’t wait to see the first medal winners. Let the mobile games begin!

OCA News Editor