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Mobile Gaming Devices for Atlantic City Casinos

Thanks to new legislation, gamblers at Atlantic City casinos may soon be able to enjoy mobile gambling.

New legislation designed to allow mobile gaming devices within Atlantic City casinos has received final approval

Last week the New Jersey legislature gave final approval to a bill which allows casino patrons to use hand-help gambling devices as long as they are on casino property. This is the latest tactic from gambling operators in Atlantic City to compete with casinos in nearby states that have been attracting customers away from the seaside resort.

State senator Jim Whelan said that casino gaming is the “lifeblood of south Jersey’s economy, and we have to be willing to adapt in order to survive.” Whelan said that hand-held gaming devices are already being used in Las Vegas and give the casinos the chance to expand their gambling floors to include their whole premises.  He went on to say that using this new technology will put Atlantic City’s casinos on an “even competitive field” with surrounding state’s casinos.

Casinos would be able to offer electronic games to be played throughout the casino and any accompanying hotel. This means customers could play from their rooms, at the swimming pool or even while eating meals. The player must have an account at the casino and the bet must be placed as well as winnings paid out within the casino.

One condition of the bill is that the mobile devices not work outside of the casino or hotel. Whelan believes that the bill contains the necessary safeguards to prevent underage gambling and “ensures that mobile gaming devices will be governed by the same rules and regulations as any other authorized casino game.”

The bill must now be approved by Governor Christie for final approval. Whilst Christie has not indicated whether he supports it or not, he has in the past championed efforts to help make Atlantic City’s casinos more competitive.




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