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Zynga Slots Hits the App Store

Zynga has recently launched its latest product, Zynga Slots. Zynga Slots is available for Apple mobile devices, including iPad, iPhone and iPod and is the third game in the Zynga franchise, after their successful Poker and Bingo games.

Zynga Slots is now available for a variety of mobile devices!

Zynga Slots has the same stunning graphics as Zynga Poker (and was developed by the same team). Zynga Slots is available in 10 languages – English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese.

Zynga Slots is packed with new features. The first innovation is “offline mode”. In offline mode, players will never miss a jackpot. Let’s say you are in a place with no internet access (which is becoming rare these days). With most slot games, you have to be online in order to play. With Zynga Slots, you can play while offline as you’ve already downloaded the game itself.

The people at Zynga claim that Zynga Slots is the most social game ever. It comes with seamless Facebook integration and it’s easier than ever to invite friends to play. Zynga Slots encourages you to level up and unlock more slot games. Some of the new slot games that players can unlock include slots based on other Zynga games – like Farmville and Hanging With Friends.

If you like mini-games, you’ll love the extra features in Zynga Slots. How about “Fever Mode”, where you spin as much as you can for 30 seconds. It looks like Zynga has created yet another hit. Have you won a jackpot today?

OCA News Editor