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Playtech launches second multiplayer slot game – Everybody’s Jackpot

Playtech has launched Everybody’s Jackpot, their second foray into multiplayer slot gaming. Multiplayer games are a new genre in online casinos and gambling. With the advent of social gambling on Facebook (like Zynga’s popular Poker games), online gambling players are looking for more interactivity in their slot games.

Multiplayer slot games are a big trend in 2012

Players can watch others play in real time on Everybody’s Jackpot. Multi-chat and private chat is another popular feature of Everybody’s Jackpot.

The big surprise of Everybody’s Jackpot is the Mystery Progressive Jackpot. In order to be in with a chance of winning this jackpot, players must bet at least £50 within a 24 hour period on the game.

Players can win the progressive jackpot on “Everybody’s Jackpot” at any time provided they have qualified by betting at least £50. The game has its name because any player that bets £50 or more in the previous 24 hours before the Progressive Jackpot is won will then win a cut of that jackpot amount.

The winnings are distributed with the winning player receiving 70% of the Progressive Jackpot total, 15% is then shared amongst the players that have bet £50 or more in the previous 24 hours on the game that are online when the jackpot is won and the other 15% is then shared amongst those players that are eligible after betting £50 or more in the previous 24 hours but are not online at the time of the jackpot being triggered.

The interactive experience is bound to be a big part of online gaming 2012!

OCA News Editor