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The Latest Online Gambling Craze – Social Slot Spinning

Are you a slot game player looking for more social interaction while you play? Welcome to the world of multiplayer slot games, the latest online gambling craze. Card players get to play with live dealers, Zynga Poker players interact with one another all day long. What about slot game players?

Social spinning - the next big thing in slot games!

Multiplayer, interactive slot games will keep you spinning the midnight oil with your friends. You’ll never spin alone again. Here’s how it works –

Your slot game in featured in the middle of your screen. To the left and right are four other slot games. You can follow their progress and winnings as you play. When you take a quick break, see other slots spinning in real time. If four other players are spinning at the same time, you’ll see four games moving at once – as well as your own game play. That’s a lot of action!

You can even chat with the other players by sending a private message to one player or typing something for all players. Now that’s social spinning!

Fishing With Buddies (Playtech) is a new example of social spinning. Before you begin, you choose an avatar. The faster you play, the bigger and faster the bonus feature pays out in the first stage. Watching other slot players win in real time in exciting. It will encourage you to play more and you’ll enjoy the breaks you take in between spins.

With social gambling becoming a hit among gaming fans, multiplayer slot games have a long way to go. 2012 will definitely be an interesting year for interactive gambling on all fronts.

OCA News Editor